St Martin's, Brasted

The ringers and ringing

(Click right on picture to "Show Controls" to get the bells ringing. It is part of the last ringing on all the 8 bells, on 29 February 2020.)

Sadly all tower bell ringing is cancelled for the time being.

In fact, even more sadly, it is unlikely that ringing, as we know it, will be resumed until either we have a Covid-19 vaccine, or the virus is otherwise conquered. This is because ringing circles (ie the ropes hanging in a circle where the bells are rung) do not allow for anything like 2 metres distancing. There is a problem too, in many places, though not Brasted, of restricted space in narrow spiral stairs or passageways. Also, once one person had touched a bellrope, it wouldn't be appropriate for anyone else to do so for three hours or so. (Natural fibres are rather better than hard surfaces in this respect.)

However, ringers are an ingenious bunch. There is now "Ringing Room", which is Zoom-like software with a rope circle on the screen! People, counties, probably countries, apart can "ring" together to make music as ringers do. Each is allotted a bell and using a key to move their rope and make that bell sound. Everyone hears the complete sound of all the bells. It is difficult to get a good rhythm - physically ringing sizeable bells helps to impose that, and probably there are irregularities in the timing of the electronics too. It is a challenge, but it's much better than nothing.

If however you think you might like to come and join us to ring the bells when things are normal again, then please do get in touch with me. There may be useful things we can do even now....

We have a website at It has information on learning to ring, but also it has some interesting history of Brasted bells and those who've rung them in the past.

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