St Martin's, Brasted

New Pattern for Evensong

The July evensong will be our last monthly one. In future the pattern will be:

Harvest (29 September in 2019)

The first Sunday in Lent

Pentecost Sunday

For these services we will be inviting other local church choirs to join us so that we can make much more of the music. Hopefully we will have more people in the congregation to enjoy and appreciate the service too.

New History and Guide for St Martin's

St Martin’s Church, Brasted now has a new guide book for the first time in nearly thirty years.

Original source material was used in compiling the long history of the church, making this new book an amazingly comprehensive work. There are 44 pages and 22 photographs.

Readers can also use the book in a self-guided tour to learn more about the many features of the church and their part in its history.

Copies are now available at £3.50, or £5.00 inc UK P&P. Either from St Martin's (checking this website for when it might be open) or from Roger Rogowski (

All proceeds after costs go to St Martin's.