St Martin's, Brasted



We are delighted to announce the formation of the St Martin's Brasted Heritage Trust.

Inspired by and with the help of the St Mary's Westerham Heritage Trust, which has successfully
increased the engagement by and the support of the wider Westerham community for St Mary's Church,
the new Trust aims to emulate this success in Brasted by making more use of our wonderful church for
community events and activities.

We now have an interim committee in place to see us through the formative stages of the Trust as we
establish a constitution, a set of aims and objectives and develop an action plan to take us through the
first twelve months including applying for the Trust to gain charitable status.

We are pleased that Sarah White has agreed to act as Chair for the Trust committee, with Karina
Jackson as Vice Chair. In addition, Ian Basden-Smith, Terry Hope, Richard Lance, Roger Rogowski and
Micaela West have all agreed to take up positions on the committee. The Reverend Linda Green will be President of the Trust.

Anyone interested is welcome to support the development of the Trust in whatever capacity they
feel able. If you would like to know more about the Trust with a view to taking an active role in
this exciting project should contact Sarah in the first instance at (


Help needed!

If you can spare time to support Kelly as a volunteer, either to share leadership of Stars with her, or on occasion to stand in for her, we should love to hear from you!

A DBS check will be required for anyone willing to act alone, and Judith Seaward ( can explain what this involves.

For more information, please contact Kelly Bennett (