St Martin's, Brasted



The newly-formed St Martin’s Brasted Heritage Trust has announced its first events, which will see carol singing taking place around the village and Christmas trees from local residents and businesses being hosted in the church.

Carol singing around the village was once a regular feature of village life, and the idea is to revive the practice and invite along anyone who fancies being involved in what should be a hugely enjoyable and sociable occasion to take part. The event is scheduled to take place on the evening of Friday December 8, and will tie into the lighting up of the Brasted Christmas tree on the green, which takes place from 6pm onwards. There’s no requirement for anyone taking part to have an outstanding singing voice – though we’d love it if you did! – but enthusiasm and and a sense of Christmas spirit will count for much more. You can also join and leave the singers at any point en route – full schedule will be confirmed shortly - so feel free to come along and take part at just one location if that’s what you would like to do.

After an hour or so performing at locations around the village the singers will finish up at the Stanhope Arms, where there will be a lively and informal evening of carols sung around the bar. Once again, everyone is more than welcome to come and join in, and it’s expected that this will kick off at around 8pm. Children are invited to come along to St Martin’s Church, where they will be able to take part in a supervised crafts evening, producing decorations and then hanging them on their own Christmas tree.

The church will be hosting a selection of festive Christmas trees supplied by local families and businesses, an idea that it’s hoped will become a regular feature of the church calendar in much the same way as it has in Westerham, and these will be on display at advertised times for a week. There will also be a tree of remembrance in the church vestibule, and there’s an open invitation to add a personal message for a loved one. We’ll also be offering the opportunity for people to fill in a card at the village green, which will be attached to the tree on your behalf.

If you would like the singers to visit your house in Brasted village do let us know and, although logistics might prevent us getting around to everyone who asks, we’ll do our best to spread the Christmas cheer as far as we can! There are also a limited number of spots for Christmas trees in the church available, and it will be a matter of first come, first served for those who wish to take part. The church will provide a power point for a set of lights – or you could use battery-operated lights – and you’ll need to turn up and set up your tree at a pre-arranged time on the evening of the 8th and commit to removing it at a set time a week later, but it’s hoped that this will be a truly memorable event to be a part of and we’re anticipating that it will be hugely popular.

To invite the singers or to book a Christmas tree email us at cmlewis339@gmail.comas soon as possible, and we’ll get back to confirm everything from there.


Looking forward, there are lots of ideas in the pipeline for next year, and it’s hoped that there will be many in the village who will enjoy taking part and maybe pitching in to help run the events. One of the biggest and most exciting suggestions is a street party in the St Martin’s Brasted Church car park to commemorate the centenary of the ending of the Great War. Although this effectively happened in the month of November 1918, we’re taking our cue from the signing of the Treaty of Versailles that marked the official ending of hostilities in June 1919, and the event will be held on a summer Saturday,
June 23.

As many long-time village residents can testify, Brasted has hosted some truly memorable street parties over the years and this one will be open to the whole village. It will take place come rain or shine – inside or outside a marquee – and everyone will be invited to bring along plenty of party food which, in the true spirit of such events, will be collectively shared around. There are lots more ideas for the day, which will be developed over the coming months, but mark that date in your diary now!

Other plans for next year include a regular village film club, a Saturday coffee morning in the church every month to supplement the Thursday event and even potentially an open air service to bless the animals, to take place next October on St Francis’ Day.

For full details and updates keep an eye on the this website.


We are currently looking at the feasibility of setting up a heritage trust with the aim of maintaining and preserving our ancient church, much along the lines of the successful St Mary's Westerham Heritage Trust, which you can read about online at

In this way, we also hope to bring the church and the wider community closer together and to enable Linda and the PCC to concentrate more more on the wider work and life of St Martin’s.

If you are interested in supporting this initiative in some way or would like to find out more, we would very much like to hear from you.

Linda Green 01959 565829
Richard Lance 01959 564332
Roger Rogowski 01959 561345